Do The Duggar Sisters Hate Anna Duggar?

Do The Duggar Sisters Hate Anna Duggar?

Duggar Family News reveals that Anna Duggar may not be feeling the love from her famous family. The Duggar sisters haven’t exactly been friendly to her or at least fans have not seen it on social media. Ever since Josh Duggar was arrested for possession of child pornography, things have been very tense for Anna and her seven children. Anna has been keeping clear of all of the Duggar family events and this is another reason that fans think that the Duggar sisters have shunned her completely. Let’s find out more.

Redditors Weigh In

Leave it to Redditors weigh in on what is going on with Anna and the rest of the Duggars. One Redditor posed the question about Anna not being involved in a lot of the Duggar events. They wrote, “I’m so curious what her relationship is with the Duggar family and if any of the siblings or their wives have a genuine friendship with Anna.” This started quite a conversation between other fans of the Duggar family.

Another added, “Before all of this happened, no one really liked Anna. She was apparently a b***h and very haughty because she was the first wife and had the first grandchild. I bet after all the abuse came out and she so vehemently supported Josh, no one wants her around. She doesn’t have the ability to financially abuse them, so they don’t have to put up with her like they do with Jim Bob.” One more added, “Knowing who Joshua is, I think he probably used every type of narcissistic technique on Anna to abuse her. Which includes triangulation and isolation. He probably got jealous when she was close with the girls and started whispering little things here and there.”

Do The Duggar Sisters Hate Anna Duggar?

Duggars and Anna

It seems that all of the rumors that Anna has been shunned could be true. There was one point where some of the sisters were very close to her. These sisters more than likely turned on her when she did stand up for her husband. After the rumors spread about Josh cheating on her, Anna did everything she could to support her husband and his sisters more than likely felt that she would never choose them even though he sexually molested a few of them.

Anna has been doing things her own way since Josh went to prison and there are now rumors going around that she has moved to Texas so that she can be closer to him. We will continue to keep an eye on Anna to see if there have been any changes.

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