Doubling Down With The Derricos: New Bizarre Allegations About Deon

Doubling Down With The Derricos: New Bizarre Allegations About Deon

Doubling Down with the Derricos (DDWTD) on TLC brings Deon Derrico, his wife Karen, his mom Gigi, family friend Eric Jefferson, and a hoard of 14 kids. This week, some bizarre allegations emerged about Deon, his estranged son Derron, and Eric. Amongst the claims by extended family, is the allegation that Deon is possibly gay and lives with Eric.

Doubling Down with the Derricos Brings A Big Happy Family

TLC fans who watch the show probably won’t believe their eyes as new allegations arrive about Deon that seemed to be really bizarre. There were controversies in the past that included allegations of foreclosure, identity theft, fraud, and bankruptcy. Then there was an estranged son, Derron, and some questions as to how Eric fits into the family.

Doubling Down With the Derricos spoilers reveal that fans adore the family. On the screen, people see a hardworking dad, a faultless mom, and a devoted grandmother. The kids that include multiple multiples seem to be happy, clean, and healthy. In fact, many people look at Karen and Deon Derrico as exemplary parents. But, recent allegations suggest a bizarre and dark spirit might move behind the scenes.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Bizarre Allegations

The news that something less than perfect goes on with the family arrived via Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball. It’s complicated because it involves extended family. Some members of the family talked with Katie and some of the allegations are really raising some questions.  Katie reminded fans that “the family travel to Michigan to meet the “son” of Christopher Turner.” Apparently, “Amari was made out to be the only child” of Deon’s deceased brother Christopher. But the family claims he had three kids and none of them had that name.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Bizarre New Allegations About Deon
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Doubling Down with the Derricos fans saw in the long caption, that Katie spoke with Christopher’s daughter Cierra and Christopher’s girlfriend of 26 years, Felicia. One photo showed Grandma GG with her kids. Why was Christopher’s name Turner and not Derrico? Apparently, the two brothers had different dads. According to her sources, “Christopher was raised by his dad’s parents. Despite Gigi not raising Christopher, she remained in his life.”

More Followed – Claims of Abuse

There are a lot of things to unpack in the new allegations about the Doubling Down with the Derricos family. In the comments, more info arrived. Apparently, Chris ended up in “a halfway house” and that’s where he died. He suffered from mental illness in his later years. Cierra told Katie Joy that Deon was allegedly abusive with Christopher’s kids.

Katie cited her as saying that “Cierra remembers Deon being allegedly extremely violent with her brothers. She described alleged beatings that she witnessed of her older brothers by Deon.” Additionally, it might interest Doubling Down With The Derricos fans to know that allegedly, in Detroit, he wasn’t known as Deon but as Derrick.

Without A Crystal Ball On Deon

Felicia, who had children with Turner, described Deon as “a con artist, he’s a hustler, he’s all about money and will hurt anyone, including family to achieve his goal.” At the same time, both women also confirmed that Deon’s estranged son, Derron was being truthful about alleged “identity theft and fraud.”

Deon Is Gay & Lives With Eric?

Now comes an even more bizarre claim. The influencer also wrote, “Cierra & Felicia allege that Deon was an openly bi-sexual man. Felicia said Deon was known to throw elaborate Cabaret parties for the gay community which she attended.” Of course, that is okay nowadays, but where does Karen come in?

Later, in the comments, Katie explained that according to the family, “Felicia is pretty sure [Eric] is Deon’s boyfriend.” Furthermore, she spoke about how allegedly, “Deon doesn’t live with Karen and the kids.”

If you feel confused, you are certainly not alone. Family can be toxic, but there are also grifters in the world. Are TLC fans being taken for a ride? Or is this just some sour grapes from family members who don’t earn money from the show? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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