Duggar Family News: Josie Duggar Shows Up On New Social Media Post, Where Has She Been?

Duggar Family News: Josie Duggar Shows Up On New Social Media Post, Where Has She Been?Duggar Family News reveals that fans were thrilled to see that Josie Duggar is enjoying her life as a teenager these days. Now that she is 13 years old, she has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight. Fans of the Duggars remember her as the last child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. She is known for all of the health issues that she had growing up. She was even seen on the show, as a child, having a seizure when her parents were away and Jana Duggar was the one who had to take care of her. Now it looks like she has made a very shocking appearance on a video on Instagram.

Josie’s Health Concerns

At 13 years old, Josie’s health has always been an issue with fans and the Duggar family. She has been under the microscope since she was born and it aired on television. There were millions of people who watched her birth on a very special Duggar delivery episode. The seasons that followed were pretty much focused on Josie’s life and her major health concerns. Basically her entire health story was all over the show and now it looks as if she is finally ready to get back out in the spotlight.

In a recent vlog from her sister, Jinger Vuolo, fans were able to catch a glimpse of Josie and they were shocked to see her.

Duggar Family News: Josie Duggar Shows Up On New Social Media Post, Where Has She Been?

Jinger’s Vlog

Jinger’s vlog was all about the Duggar family reunion that took place in Arkansas. Fans were shocked that Jinger was there, especially after her memoir hurt a lot of feelings. Josie was seen wearing a pink skirt and light blue jacket. When she smiled, fans could see that she is still in braces and looks very happy. Fans pointed out that Josie has had so many health scares that it is always good to see her with her family.

Josie was born at 25 weeks into Michelle’s pregnancy. She was three and a half months early and weighed very little. In order to save Josie and herself, Michelle had to have an emergency C-section. Josie suffered from a life-threatening seizure when she was only 5 years old and it shocked everyone. The fact that it was on the show made this even scarier. Jana had to take care of her and was seen holding her over the kitchen sink because she had no idea what to do. The producers had to step in so that they could help save Josie’s life! Fans are so happy that Josie is doing well and are always happy to see her.

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