Mama June Spoilers: Fans Think Pumpkin Is Scamming Fans on Social Media

Mama June Spoilers: Fans Think Pumpkin Is Scamming Fans on Social Media


Mama June spoilers reveal that there are some fans who think that Pumpkin Efird is scamming her fans while on social media. She has posted a lot of videos on her TikTok account and many of them do have ways that her fans can send her money. She has told her fans that her family is struggling with money, but fans see her and her husband getting very expensive tattoos. This has made her fans curious as to what she is doing with her money and why they are spending it on tattoos instead of feeding and clothing their five children. Let’s find out more.

The Money Making Opportunities

Pumpkin has had plenty of money making opportunities since she first appeared on the show. In fact, her mother, June Shannon, has partnered with a lot of companies to sell their products on social media. She has started to monetize her accounts, but is Pumpkin doing that as well?

From what fans have seen Pumpkin doesn’t really advertise for products the way that June and Alana Thompson do. However, Pumpkin is notorious for just asking fans for donations. Not only have fans not been happy about this, but they also noticed that her eyes are always glazed over and she sells items on TikTok that aren’t even the real designer brands.

Redditors were quick to share their feelings on the way that Pumpkin acts online and how she treats her fans. These fans started to point out all of the dupes that she sells online and how her eyes always look strange. A lot of her followers on TikTok pointed out that she always looks like she’s on drugs.

Mama June Spoilers: Fans Think Pumpkin Is Scamming Fans on Social Media


Redditors Reply to TikTok Videos

Of course, the Redditors who shared this post couldn’t help but to go in on her for how she looks. One wrote, “She always looks like she stinks and just rolled out the bed. I feel bad for the kids because y’all know they probably let them sit in diapers while selling Temu and online battles. Just straight up lazy white trashy like June and they don’t care. It’s just crazy because they had the time and money from show to get therapy and educated.” Another added, “Since Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo started this s**t, I stopped watching and DVRing the show. I’ll still pop in here, but I’m done with them.”

No matter what fans say, it doesn’t seem as if Pumpkin really listens. She continues to treat TikTok as her side hustle and probably will for the time being.

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