Mama June Spoilers: Is June Shannon Trying to Buy Her Daughters’ Love?

Mama June Spoilers: Is June Shannon Trying to Buy Her Daughters’ Love?

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon may be trying to buy the love of her children. When June asked her daughters to go to a weekend therapy session with her, they weren’t so sure that this was their idea of mother-daughter bonding time. However, they told her that if she was trying to work on things, they would consider it. Of course, as June’s daughters started to learn more about this so-called therapy weekend, they began to think that she had other motives in getting them all together. What do they think she is up to?

Therapy Drama

As June and her daughters were discussing life these days, they were quick to share their thoughts on everything that had been going on lately. Of course, each daughter had their opinion on why June had brought them there. Jessica Shannon felt as if June wanted to get them all together before the wedding to talk about that. Of course, Pumpkin Efird thought that everyone was opening up too much in these sessions and she was concerned about why they were all there. Alana Thompson said of these therapy sessions, “Yeah, but you know me and Jesse have never been the ones to sit there and spill our feelings to Mama.” Pumpkin reminded her, “That’s the whole point of this thing. You need to, because remember Dr. Ish said– he said we’re all fine on the outside, but in the inside there is stuff bothering us and it is.”

Pumpkin did get really concerned about Alana during the therapy session and really doesn’t know if she and June will have a relationship after this. After all of the crying and screaming, June came back to the girls and her arms were filled with gifts for them. Of course, this made her daughters wonder exactly if she is trying to buy their love.

Mama June Spoilers: Is June Shannon Trying to Buy Her Daughters’ Love?

Buying Love

Pumpkin was shocked to see June with all of these gifts and told her, “You’re not supposed to be buying our love.” She told the cameras, “For her to give me a present, I don’t really care for– I need you to work on our relationship and really work on what matters and what you’ve messed up, rather than buying me something thinking I’m just gonna get over it.”

After thinking about the gifts, the girls weren’t sure what to think and if June truly wanted to buy their love and that was why this timing was so poor or if she just wanted to sweeten the deal of weekend therapy. We will have to see what happens next on Mama June: Family Crisis.

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