Mama June Spoilers: Will June Shannon’s Children Actually Show Up To Her Wedding, She Doesn’t Think So

Mama June Spoilers: Will June Shannon's Children Actually Show Up To Her Wedding, She Doesn't Think So

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon is incredibly worried that her children will not show up to her upcoming wedding to Justin Stroud. Although her wedding is her fairytale come true, she knows that there is a lot of tension with her children right now. After June chose drugs and alcohol over family, she has slowly tried to repair their relationships. It hasn’t been easy though. After an intense weekend of therapy, June and her daughters may never be the same again. Is this why she is so worried about them coming to her wedding? Let’s find out more.

The Florida Wedding

June was quick to tell viewers that the reason she wanted to have the wedding in Florida was because of how many memories she has made there with her daughters. She told the wedding planner, “Me and the girls have always come there. I just want to reconnect with them. It brings back memories for us. For me, it’s about having the family all together.” June invited all of her children to walk her down the aisle as she marries Justin. Justin doesn’t think that she is being very realistic when it comes to her expectations for her daughters.

He says to her, “How are you going to tell her your daughters are going to walk you down the aisle? You don’t even know that yet.” She told him, “They’re going to show up.” Then Justin says to her, “You haven’t seen them face to face. I wouldn’t be telling people they are until you know.”

Mama June Spoilers: Will June Shannon's Children Actually Show Up To Her Wedding, She Doesn't Think So

June’s Therapy Sessions With Daughters

In the last episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, June wanted her daughters to go on a therapy retreat with her. They agreed, but they weren’t very happy about it. The session was incredibly intense and Alana Thompson got incredibly angry about the way her mother had treated her in the past. She told the therapist, “She just left us. She left us when we really needed her.” Then Lauryn Efird said, “She left me too. I was 17 when I got Alana. I was a kid who just had a kid. I just got married. It’s hard. Every time it’s like we weren’t good enough.”

June was pleasantly surprised when her daughters did show up to her wedding to walk her down the aisle and commit once again to Justin. How will the wedding go for June and her children? Make sure that you watch the next episode of Mama June: Family Crisis to see what happens next with June and her family.

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