Mama June Spoilers:June Shannon Gets Hate For Slamming Her Daughter, Jessica

Mama June Spoilers:June Shannon Gets Hate For Slamming Her Daughter, Jessica

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon has started to get some serious hate from her fans. She has had a very tough relationship with her children, especially Jessica Shannon. For many years, they have been fighting and Jessica just can’t find the love in her heart for her mother. With June trying her best to repair all of the relationships with her children, she has started to work on Jessica too. However, even though she claims to be trying to fix their relationship, some Redditors feel that she is going out of her way to slam Jessica and has never shown her how much she loves her.

Redditors Shares Ideas

As soon as Mama June started on how she is trying repair the relationship with her daughters, Redditors were ready to go in on her for how she has treated Jessica. One Redditor wrote, “I always get such a weird feeling whenever I see June and Jessica interact. I understand if Jessica isn’t close with her mother, but June always seems to favor Pumpkin and Alana, and value them more over Jessica. Anyone else feel this way? I understand that Jessica is a little older than Alana and Pumpkin, but she still needs her mom and has been put through a lot. Maybe June just lingers towards the ones who make her money?”

Other Redditors were quick to chime in on what they thought too. One added, “June only cares about June. And her man of the month.” Another chimed in, “Jessica was always closer to Anna than to pumpkin and Alana- this is very apparent in the original series and if you look at behind the scenes stuff during the first few seasons of Mama June Not to Hot. Anna didn’t have much of a relationship, if any, with June up until very recently and it seems like Jessica took Anna’s side when the media frenzy started about June rekindling with Anna’s abuser.

It’s probably due to that that she has a more strained relationship with June compared to P&A. I could be wrong but Jessica was also the first kid June had to raise on her own since Anna was raised by their grandmother. Whatever parenting issues June has likely went through Jessica first. Had it not been for the WeTv show (i.e. The money the show brings) I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessica and Anna never spoke to June again after the initial TLC cancellation.”

Mama June Spoilers:June Shannon Gets Hate For Slamming Her Daughter, Jessica

June and Her Daughters

June pretty much left her children with nothing when she decided to choose drugs and alcohol over them. Alana Thompson, her youngest, seemed to be the most affected by her mother leaving. She was adopted by Pumpkin Efird and has been raised by her ever since. The choices that June made will haunt her forever, but it is up to her daughters to decide if they forgive her.

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