Mama June Star Josh Efird Gets Fans Joking On 4th Of July

Mama June Star Josh Efird Gets Fans Joking On 4th Of JulyMama June: Family Crisis star, Josh Efird has a lot on his plate. He acts as a father for Lauryn’s (Pumpkin) sister Alana Thompson, a.k.a Honey Boo Boo. Plus, he has his own kids, Ella Grace, Bentley, and the twins. Furthermore, he has June Shannn as his mother-in-law. Mostly, people like him, but the WEtv star isn’t always in a happy place as far as trolls go. However, this 4th of July holiday, some fans joked about him.

Mama June: Josh Efird Seems Quiet But Gets Trolled

When it comes to Josh, fans of the WEtv show have mixed feelings about him. Despite the fact, he’s stepping up to the the responsibilities that come with being a parent, sometimes fans complain. Actually, it seems to be linked to his wife Pumpkin because she openly claims that he doesn’t do enough to support them financially. So, when he got a new tattoo, a lot of folks ripped him.

Mama June fans seem a bit unhappy that Josh and Pumpkin didn’t do anything to try and stop Honey Boo Boo and Dralin Craswell from dating. Recall, she went on a wild ride with him when he tried to evade the police. Allegedly, he had another friend in the car, a baggie, and an unregistered firearm were found in the car. So, both Josh and Pumpkin took some heat from that. But this week, some people joked nicely about him.

Mama June: Joking About Josh Efird

Recently, Pumpkin shared a playful video to her TikTok account. Dressed for the weather in Florida, she seemed all bouncy and excited. Set to the music of Paige’s edition of “I’m out here in Miami,” she danced around as Josh stood there looking unexcited. The video caption read, “Really out here in Siesta Keys.”

Mama June Star Josh Efird Gets Fans Joking On 4th Of July
Pumpkin / TikTok

Mama June fans noticed that Josh looked bored and certainly not thrilled about doing the reel. So, fans took to the comment section, making light-hearted jests and poking fun. Actually, the contrast in the behavior of the two TV stars did seem a bit amusing.

The Jokes Get A Reaction

One Mama June fan wrote, “Josh like ‘and we couldn’t do this in the shade?’ 😂” Meanwhile, others claimed the comment made them feel like crying with laughter.

Another follower suggested, “Josh wondering why you got him standing in that heat for this s**t 😂😂 lmfaooo.” Replying, Pumpkin said, “So accurate.”

Are you pleased that fans are joking with Josh for a change instead of trolling him? Shout out in the comments below.

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