What Happened to Alaskan Bush People’s Rumored Mansion?

What Happened to Alaskan Bush People’s Rumored Mansion?

Alaskan Bush People spoilers, news, and updates inquire about the status of the rumored $2.7 million mansion of the Brown family. What has happened to the house?

The Brown family has shot to fame with their reality TV series featuring how they live and survive off the grid in the wilderness of Alaska. The show has featured Billy and Ami Brown and their seven children, Matt, Bam Bam, Gabe, Noah, Bear, Showbird, and Rain.

However, the family has received nothing short of controversies and rumors, especially with regard to the legitimacy of the life they portrayed on the show.

Does the Mansion Even Exist?

Rumors claim that the Browns do not actually live in the wild. They only stayed there for filming purposes. When they are not filming, they say in hotels, and at one point, they were also reportedly living in a $2.7 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

That was the time that Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the family had to move to California for her treatment. Fortunately, Ami went into remission.

When Billy died in February 2021, Ami had to request to be the representative of her husband’s estate. She declared Brown’s assets to include four parcels of land worth $415,000, bank savings at $2,000, household items worth $10,000, and livestock worth $12,000. There was no mention of the $2.7 million mansion.

This may suggest that the rumors may not be true. They may have moved to California and Washington amid Ami’s cancer battle previously, but they probably didn’t buy the house they lived in.

What Happened to Alaskan Bush People’s Rumored Mansion?

Bear Having a Hard Time in the Mountains

Meanwhile, the family members are living separately. Bear has recently moved back to the mountains but admitted that he is having a hard time. There’s no electricity or running water in the mountains, and his generator is not even working.

Bear has an on-and-off relationship with his wife, Raiven, and the most recent break-up separated him from their sons. He said he is used to living alone now and his siblings are also busy with their own lives to help him. But with the lack of the basic necessities, will he survive in the mountains? Can he keep up with his decision to live permanently in the mountain?

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Noah had bought an island for his family with Rhain. He also has two sons, Eli and Adam.

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